Attention- alubterol and mucomyst are out of stock until covid 19 shut downs end. We will swap out pyrantel and azithromycin for the alubterol and mucomsyt.



The Master Whelping Kit with refurbished Oxygen Concentrator


no warrenty on used oxygen. 


The price for the kit includes $150 in shipping charges, if shipping to your area exceeds $150 for entire kit (2 large packages) then shipping may need to be adjusted. if store pickup is chosen, $150 will be refunded at time of pickup.




Inlcudes: Incubator, oxygen machine, suction machine, nebulizer, 30ml clavamox, one 1000ml bag of IV fluids, 60ml Pneumonia treatment, 60ml mucomyst.

The whelping master kit with refurbished oxygen concentrator

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